Impressed by our service? Share your thanks and feedback about our officers and staff using BRAVO.

What is BRAVO?

Everyone at Hampshire Constabulary - from our officers to our support staff – is committed to making your community a safer place to be.  Whichever member of our team you deal with, you can count on integrity, respect, sound judgment and compassion.

But we all love to hear stories of our people going the extra mile.  So if someone’s impressed you, here’s the place to tell them and us.  Include as many details as you can and we’ll make sure they get the recognition they deserve. BRAVO is a quick and simple way for your thanks and feedback to be shared so that our staff can be recognised for the good work that they do.

What can I leave a BRAVO for?

If you feel pleased with the service you have received and wish to thank the individual or team involved, they would love to hear from you.

How can I submit a BRAVO?

Simply complete the online form below providing as much information as possible and submit it.  You can also collect a form from your local Hampshire Constabulary police station.  We’ll then use the information you give us to recognise the good work happening across our teams every day.

Please note:

Any information that you submit via this form will be sent through non-secure means and will potentially be viewable by third parties.  By using this form you agree that any information submitted is done so at your own risk.

Whilst this is not intended as a crime reporting tool, any further information pertaining to an investigation that you provide may be used where necessary to meet a policing purpose or statutory sharing requirement. Your personal details will be used appropriately at all times with suitable safeguards in place to prevent loss, misuse, or damage to that data.

Having opened the form, you will need to complete and submit it within 45 minutes to ensure successful receipt.

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We appreciate that you've taken the time to leave thanks and recognition for the service you've received and would like to publicise some of the feedback.  We will only publish your comments and will never include any personal information alongside them.  Please indicate whether or not you wish us to publicise your comments: