Project Kraken delivers an enhanced crime and counter terrorist vigilance capability within the maritime environment of the Solent and the harbours and estuaries of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Bulletins   Newsletter   Crime Prevention
Bulletins   Newsletters   Crime Prevention

Key stakeholders such as harbourmasters, the coastguard and marina managers, together with people who live or work in, or adjacent to, the marine environment, or who spend their leisure time on or near our waters, are encouraged to report any suspicious activity.

Project KrakenIt is the maritime community who are best placed to recognise what is out of the ordinary.

Project Kraken forms part of the National Maritime Security Strategy and has now been adopted by 90 per cent of UK police forces who have the responsibility for a coastline and significant inland waterways. Project Kraken is co-ordinated locally to deal with local issues within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The aim of Project Kraken is to provide a hostile environment to terrorists and criminals looking to disrupt the everyday lives and safety of those who live, work or travel through the Solent.

Hampshire Constabulary will post a quarterly newsletter providing a summary of incidents, both national and international, that may be of interest. The force will also circulate details of property and crime trends. This information will also be sent direct to harbour authorities, marinas, boatyards and sailing clubs.

If you suspect it, report it. Call 101 and quote Project Kraken, or email

Click here to access more information on Hampshire Constabulary's Marine Unit.


Newsletter section

We publish a newsletter each quarter:

2017: Spring

2016: Spring

2015: Winter | Autumn | Summer | Spring

2014: Winter | Autumn | Summer | Spring

2013: Winter | Autumn | Summer | Spring

2012: Winter | Autumn | Summer | Spring

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Crime Prevention section

Click here to access a marine crime prevention advice document.

Click here to access a Project Kraken A5 crime prevention leaflet.

Click here to access a Project Kraken crime prevention leaflet.

Click here to access a Project Kraken crime prevention leaflet.

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