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Police.UK is a website that can help you to find information about crime in your local area.

Police.uk is a national service provided by the Home Office, aimed at sharing with the public a snapshot of crimes and anti-social behaviour at street-level over the past month. The information is provided by all forces nationwide, including Hampshire Constabulary.

The website is generally updated on or before the last working day of each month, and covers incidents reported to the police in the preceding month. For example, an incident of crime or anti-social behaviour reported to the police on 10th January will be published on the website on or before the last working day of February.

Wherever possible all incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour are displayed on a map, on or near the street or point of interest that they happened. However, there may be certain incidents where the location of the crime is not known by the victim or investigating police force. For example, the victim may not know or be able to recall where a crime took place, or it may have occurred during travel between two locations.

If you want to know more or have any questions, you can find out more about Police.uk and the data is uses at https://www.police.uk/about-this-site/

Hampshire Constabulary previously used a system called CrimeReports which also provided local crime information. This has now been replaced by Police.uk which has the benefit of providing both a local and national picture of crime