Are you thinking of holding an event in the community? Find out your responsibilities ahead of the big day.

Many hundreds of events take place in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight every year.

Each local authority within the force area maintains a Safety Advisory Group, a multi-agency collective that discusses events.

This should be an event organiser's first port of call. Some of the local authorities will respond with generic advice and may publicise your event on their web pages.

The responsibility for safety at any event is primarily that of the event organiser - the police do not authorise an event taking place.

Where there is not a statutory requirement for an event organiser to contact the police, as a matter of courtesy Hampshire Constabulary would appreciate being informed about what is planned. This is because your event may be on a date that already places high demand on the emergency services, such as a Bank Holiday, or coincides with another major event in the local area.

Hampshire Constabulary has a team called Strategic and Tactical Operations with staff that are trained in assessing risks at events and the impact an event could have on a community. The officers have experience in policing sport and charity events and large music festivals, as well as local, community-based events.

When a member of the public notifies the team of an event, officers grade it, taking safety issues and community impact into consideration. Most events will be graded low and will not be deemed to require police attendance or involvement.

If the event does appear to open up issues on safety or "community impact", the Strategic and Tactical Operations Team will make contact with the organiser to discuss how the plan could be amended to reduce the risks. If special police resources are required to assist the management of an event, the organiser will be notified of the likely financial costs. Organisers may also be invited to give details to their local Safety Advisory Group.

Notifying the police of the intention to hold an event does not absolve the organiser from seeking the proper licences, most of which are issued by the local authority for the area in which the event will be held. This includes applying for road closures that are required for processions, parades, carnivals or street parties and licences for regulated entertainment.

Hampshire County Council has a useful website on street parties and other events. You will have to contact your local authority when the time comes to get the appropriate permissions.

The Hampshire Constabulary Strategic and Tactical Operations Team is based at Netley and can be contacted using the details below. The team's core hours range from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please allow 48 hours for a response. 

Strategic and Tactical Operations Team       
Direct dials: 023 8047 9627 or 023 8047 9628
Via 101: Request extension 713260