You. Your Family. Our Communities. SAFER.

LogoA key part of delivering a good public service is being clear on our purpose, the things we need to focus on to be at our best, and the behaviours that are expected of us. Our Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, has been consulting with the public and identified a mission of keeping people safer. Having consistency in this purpose and building operational policing around it is crucial for public confidence. The staff, officers and volunteers of Hampshire Constabulary are here so that the people we serve, their families and our communities are SAFER.

Our Six Areas of Focus
Below are Hampshire Constabulary’s Six Areas of Focus. When we spoke to people from different ranks and roles they were all confused about how the old vision, mission, priorities and values fitted together. What they wanted was a clear purpose statement and some simple statements that made clear the areas we need to focus on. With their help, that’s what we created.

Our six areas of focus

If you would like to find out more about Hampshire Constabulary’s Six Areas of Focus, click on the link below to view a document from Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, which provided our officers and staff with more information.

Our Purpose and Six Areas of Focus (.pdf)